Digital Examination Team CeUL 2022-2023

Improving assessment practices at Stockholm University

What are the different ways to examine and assess students during your course? Should one use a specific format, or mix different formats, or assess continuously as opposed to one final exam? These are some of the questions that the team is discussing. In addition, a focus on the team is the implementation of a new examination system at Stockholm University.

types of assessment

Are there any differences in the different formats of assessment concerning the effect on student learning and success?

self study course

The team has built a self study course about the examination system Inspera for Stockholm University.

inspirational films

The team is also building inspirational online resources for examination.


hours spent building course


employees at SU


resources produced


workshops held


pedagogical aspects of examination

to be added …



seminars and workshops with Christine Storr on assessment

peer review

Use peer review as a tool for student engagement and assessment 🇬🇧


helping courses on how to use the new examination system 🇸🇪

multiple choice questions

Använd automatisk rättade frågor för återkoppling och i bedömning 🇸🇪

course administrators

Inspera introduktion, 2022-2023 🇸🇪

book tip

James M. Lang, Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning, 2nd Edition, 2021, Jossey-Bass, 288 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-119-75554-8