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I am Christine Storr, previously Christine Kirchberger (hence iinek) and I am a lecturer and doctoral candidate in  law & informatics at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. I have been working at the University since 2001 after completing my Master Degree in Law and Information Technology. 


law & IT pedagogy

My research focuses on the concept of legal information within the framework of the doctrine of legal sources and the information-seeking behaviour of lawyers. Since 2016 I have been the coordinator for IT pedagogy at the Department of Law where I facilitate teachers’ use of technology. I created recipes for teaching during my time as a pedagogical ambassador in 2021 and have also written help guides for teachers on how to use the available learning platforms at Stockholm University (available at smartare.at/su).


law, informatics and pedagogy


legal research, media law, privacy


scholarship on legal education used in research


books and papers

What I do

Main research & projects

PhD Research

concept of legal information vs
the information-seeking behaviour of lawyers

Pedagogisk Ambassadör

investigating the effect of digital tools on
learning and teaching


how to use digital tools & virtual cases
to teach legal research


Swedish edition of Kluwer’s International
Encyclopaedia IEL Privacy and Technology Law


teaching resources on Swedish media law


projects and publication with my wife
Pam Storr


LGG Publish

company with Pam Storr where we publish course literature and other interesting books

Favourite Publications

2023 (EN)

Christine Storr & Cormac McGrath (2023) In search of the evidence: digital learning in legal education, a scoping review, The Law Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/03069400.2022.2133212

2020 (EN)

Christine Storr, Cormac McGrath, Annelie Gunnerstad, & Åsa Örnberg, Making the case for virtual law cases: introducing an innovative way to teach law, The Law Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/03069400.2020.1773678

2017 (EN)

Christine Storr & Pam Storr, Internet of Things: Right to Data from a European Perspective, in Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick, Nikolaus Forgó (Eds.), New Technology, Big Data and the Law, Springer, 2017

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