How to guide students through legal method and legal sources

Teaching first semester law students legal information retrieval and legal research encompasses a few challenges. First of all, the students have to memorise a large amount of terminology that is new to them. What is a law, what is a case, etc. Second, they have to be able to make connections between the sources and understand their context. Third, students have to be able to use the technical tools provided by the university.

video lectures

video lectures allow the students to watch and re-watch certain content that is otherwise not available in written form

quizzes with built-in feedback

as legal research is based on training to a large extent, online quizzes allow students to test their own knowledge and skills and receive automatic feedback on what they should improve

final exam with feedback

the current final exam for the module consists of questions that students have to look up in legal databases


exams corrected in this course


students over the years


terms of teaching the course


years of experience

some of my produced videos for Juristresan

flipped classroom and digital resources

video about the context of legal sources 🇸🇪

video about how to read Swedish preparatory works (propositioner) 🇸🇪

video about where to search for legal sources 🇸🇪

video about how to search for sources 🇸🇪