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Legal education as an app

We identified three aspects that are currently lacking in legal education – namely identifying and managing risks, interaction between different areas of law, and proactive problem-based learning – and suggested three ways to tackle these challenges:

  • Legal aspects of apps: by using apps as objects students have to work with different subject fields within law in order to ensure a particular app fulfils potential legal requirements, adding proactiveness and problem-based learning to their education.
  • Law’s implementation in apps challenges the students to think about how law can be implemented into everyday life and how it could help users, citizens and consumers to avoid legal pitfalls, thereby tackling all three of the above mentioned aspects.
  • Legal education as an app provides the students with a companion throughout their legal studies, allowing them to make connections between different areas of law and increases the interactiveness of law studies; depending on the design of the app elements of risk and proactiveness could also be included.

We should note here, that we understand the term app rather broadly and do not refer to a particular platform or technology. In order to ensure equal access for students and teachers alike, the app or service should of course be available on all – or at least the most common – platforms and devices.

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