Research Projects

law, informatics and pedagogy

Doctoral thesis Legal information as a tool - Where legal sources meet technology and their users

Christine’s doctoral project deals with legal information retrieval, the concept of legal information within the framework of the doctrine of legal sources and the information-seeking behaviour of lawyers.

A discrepancy between solutions for legal information retrieval and the idea of a generally accepted authoritative doctrine of legal sources can be noticed. Many of the challenges lie outside the legal area and concern the ambiguity of language, changes in search algorithms and information anxiety in most users nowadays.

Pedagogisk ambassadör 2021

The project focused on how recipes can help teachers in creating digital learning resources. The aim was to provide teachers with several options to create and include digital learning resources in their courses and to show potential practical applications of these tools. 

Research Projects

law, informatics and pedagogy

PhD Research

concept of legal information vs
the information-seeking behaviour of lawyers

Pedagogisk Ambassadör

investigating the effect of digital tools on
learning and teaching


how to use digital tools & virtual cases
to teach legal research

Virtual Law Cases

adapting virtual cases within medicine
to legal education


how to sustainably assess and examine students

peer review

how peer review can be used to increase students' learning and understanding

thoughts and ideas


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