Blogging, Markdown and new technologies

Being a geek, besides being a lawyers and researcher, I am always trying to use new tools and apps for writing and publishing. The last post on this blog was, however, proof that I should be more aware of bugs and challenges when doing this.

I had tried Markdown for the first time in combination with Byword. Following one of my favourite podcasts, Mac Power Users, I used reference links in order to make the text more easy to read. For some reason, however, which I only discovered now when writing on this post, only 2 of the around 60 links worked. Trusting my technology skills I failed to double-check and hence almost none of the links in the last post worked.

Being made aware of the problem, I updated all the links today, and would like to apologise to the readers for any inconvenience I may have caused.

I hope to see you around again and will continue working on my geek skills! 😉

PS: A great resource I found, in order to make adding links to your blog easier, is Brett Terpstra’s Markdown Service Tool. Thanks for a great tool!